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Text SUBSCRIPTION Candle Brand Coaching

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Hello, my candle love! 
I know, candle-making has been more difficult than you thought and you have more questions than answers. Trust me you are not alone. Questions pop up while you’re in the shower, in bed, at work, or even while you're making a batch of candles. Instead of rushing to a Facebook group or pulling up YouTube and scrambling to find your specific answer, you can text your candle brand coach, me Diamond, and get personalized and easy-to-understand solutions at ANY TIME. 

This an amazing option for any skill level and no matter where you are on your candle journey. Having a coach to keep you grounded and scaling is the best investment you will ever make. It will save you so much money and wasted trial and error headaches.           

**You will receive my personal phone number in your email after the purchase  

Did I also mention that it is a tax write-off?

Talk to you soon 

* This is a three month minimum subscription if you don’t choose the 1 month option. 

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