Private/White Label consultations
Private/White Label consultations

Private/White Label consultations

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Are you looking to join one of the most fastest growing handcrafting industries, handcrafted candles? If so, there are 2 main ways to do so, that reflects your brand only.
The first way is Private Labeling: We here at Scented Silhouettes will help you find the perfect vessels and scents that matches perfectly with your brand and even help you create  labels that help you stand out in this market. We create the candles for you, then ship them out to you, so you can start building your brand name.

 The second way is White Label: The same as private labeling with one slight difference. We help aid you in the candle making process but, we ship the candles with no labels, so you are able to create them yourself.

If you would like to see if this option works for you sign up for a consultation. We will help you find your jars, wax,wick, and scent formulas that match your brand. 

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