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Brand Marketing Workshop

Brand Marketing Workshop

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Ready to transform your candle-making passion into a thriving brand that stands out in a crowded market? Join our exclusive monthly workshops led by a seasoned Candle Brand Coach!

🎯 Unlock Your Unique Niche: Discover the untapped potential within your candle creations. Uncover the secret ingredient that sets your brand apart from the rest. In this limited-size class of only 10 participants, you’ll receive personalized guidance to pinpoint and harness your brand’s distinctive identity.

⚡ Masterful Marketing Strategies: Learn how to captivate your audience and turn them into loyal customers. From crafting compelling stories to designing standout packaging, our workshops delve into the art of brand enchantment.

🗓️ Act Now, Ignite Success: With just 10 spots available per session, our workshops ensure a focused, intimate learning experience. Don’t miss your chance to participate in this transformational journey! Secure your seat for the next monthly session and take the first step towards lighting up your candle brand’s success.

🔥 Turn Passion into Profit: Our workshops are designed to guide you in crafting a candle brand that not only speaks to your heart but also resonates with your target audience. Elevate your creations, amplify your marketing, and spark your brand’s journey to success.

🌟 Reserve Your Seat Today: Time is of the essence, and these limited spots fill up quickly. Don’t wait another month to take control of your candle brand’s destiny. Join us now and pave the way for your luminous brand to shine!

What will you learn ?
☑️ How to set up your business Google account
☑️ How to clearly write your brand statement
☑️ How to set up your IG correctly
☑️ What you need in place before you reach out to retail stores
☑️How to use your IG stories to sell
☑️and much more

📢 Note: These workshops are exclusive and are not always available. They are limited to 10 participants per session. Act fast to secure your spot and ignite your candle brand’s brilliance!

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